A Year in Turkey

I will be spending this next year in Erzurum, Turkey as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Erzurum is in Eastern Turkey an area of the country often seen as more conservative, more Muslim, and disconnected from the West. It’s also supposed to mountainously beautiful in that frosty, frozen way.

What exactly is involved in this position more specifically than teaching English to college students and lots of adventure is rather vague. I have a contract with the university, a visa, airline tickets, and a stomach full of excitement.

I’m flying to Turkey on September 2nd. Headed first to Istanbul and straight on to Ankara for a 10 day orientation for all the ETA’s (English Teaching Assistants) put on by the Fulbright Commission. I’ll try to keep this blog up to date once I get over there.

Disclaimer: The views of this blog are not that of the US State Department, the Fulbright Commission, the Turkish government, Ataturk University, or anyone who isn’t me.